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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Procession Panel Trail - Hike

Procession Panel Hike is into Comb Ridge.  Fot this hike you park next to Butler Wash.  

The Procession bane comes from a continuous long petroglyphs chained together, seemingly telling a story as seen, in part, above.

The Procession Panel is one of the longer hikes at 3.5 miles, as it is nearly to the western edge of Comb Ridge. It is also one of the higher elevation hikes too

Above is the hike from the AllTrails App.

Here is the extremely slippery mud in Butler Wash that you must cross.  There is much slipping and sliding crossing it.

Off in the distance is a cave that we noticed in the opposite direction of the Procession Panel (center picture).  This is not related to any formal hikes.  We often see rock formations like this and add a hike to check it out, but we didn’t get to hike this one.

Procession Panel requires significant climbing into the mountains of Comb Ridge.  The shaded area to the right is about a 100 ft drop that when it rains it forms a water fall.  We climbed the hard rock off to the side to get up here.

Above and around the corner to the left hides the Procession Panel.  It wasn’t that easy to find and we still needed to hike up higher.

The Procession has people with hand up, animinals, and symbols.

We tried to figure out the story.

Joanne guessed these were elk from the number of antlers.  The panel is large and a lot going on.  These pictures are only a sample.  This is the most elaborate petroglyphs we have seen in the Butler Wash area.

This figure has a headdress we have seen in other petroglyphs.

This rock formation was carved by nature.  It was quite unique compared to others in the area.

This is a view out the west side of Comb Ridge, where Comb Wash runs.  There is a very big drop off downnto the valley that isn’t able to be hiked.

This is the view looking south at Comb Ridge.  Each bump is separated by a canyon forming teeth of a Comb.

Above is the rock surface we climbed up and eventually to the Procession Panel.  This is a nice set on water pockets down the rock face.

This is a great hike but farther than most in the area.  


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