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Friday, April 5, 2019

Susan Finds A Mine

Joanne was driving us around in her Jeep looking for interesting places to see.  I’m navigating and see trails and this trail appears to be Jeep worthy, so we decide to check it out.

We are about a mile from Butler Wash opposite Comb Ridge and if we want to go further it’s probably possible but we will have to rock crawl with the Jeep.

We decide to park the Jeep and hike on.  Joanne is looking at old maps she loaded to her phone and believes this road is an old mine road.

I’m not having too much hope on finding an old mine or equipment.  I’m just enjoying the hike as it is a sunny warm day.

As we hike, we are rising in elevation and the views open up.

Joanne and I had already passed this spot where the headwaters of rain off the Mesa runs to Butler Creek and we start heading back to see where Susan is.

We found the bend and there is Susan showing her excitement of having found a mine opening.

I could see the door of the cave well and I had a small flashlight to lighten up the tunnel but my light wasn’t enough to risk going much further.  Susan took my light and went a bit further.

Joanne’s historical Topo map was right to have marked it as an old mine.  The software I use in my phone is road, trail, hiking maps without historical data.

Other than a homemade bench outside the mine opening, there was no other equipment visible.

It is a good day out exploring to just great views, when you find something the hike goes up in the list of better hikes.  

We are not interested in risking exploring old mines, no do I advocate for anyone else to explore them either.  We have too many beautiful things to see to sufferan accident.

If it wasn’t for Susan I don’t think I would have seen the mine opening on my return hike.


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