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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

A View Overlooking The San Juan River

Sometimes the views are from down in the valleys and sometimes from above.  Today we explored the San Juan River Canyon Rim in Joanne’s Jeep.

From the top of the rim here is Joanne’s Jeep with Monument Valley buttes in the distance.

One of the more interesting features is the above mountain where the river once flowed around it.  Now the San Juan River has carved a path to bypass this now old San Juan River route.

Above is the mountain in a near perfect circle where the river used to flow.

Looking to the east the water meanders through relatively drab canyon walls.

I zoomed in on rafters taking the trip from Bluff to Mexican Hat on a day trip.

The river seemed to flow at different rates over the millions of years itvtook to cut the canyon.

The first Mormon settlers came by this way.  It must have been depressing to try to find a way to cross the canyon.

The sun was getting low and it helped me pick up more colors.

You just never know what will be a wonderful picture. I take many pictures and it is often that I don’t see the beauty in any shot until I’m posting in my blog.

I know many of you view my blog on a phone.  I also know you will appreciate the beauty of the pictures more, if you can view them on a tablet or PC screen.

It was another great day touring on Jeep roads, past cattle and over very rough roads to get to these wonderful vistas.


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