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Monday, April 15, 2019

Split Level Ruin - Hike

Our next hike was to the Split Level Ruin in Comb Ridge off Butler awash Road.  

Look closely above.  Abovevthe tree is the upper ruin and to the left of the tree is the lower ruin.  We explored the lower ruin as the upper one was w not directly accessible.

The lower ruin had many rooms and building separations, like in the picture above.

This ruin had more that it’s share of petroglyphs.  I wonder what spiral circles mean.  They seem to attached to legs or feet.

In many cases we find that our phones bring out the petroglyph images on the walls better than our eyes.

Above for example there is a spiral in the bottom left I didn’t see when I first saw the wall.

Many of the walls are no longer here.

We are very careful not to touch the walls or disturb them in any way.

We spent a lot of time looking at these long fingersZ. Must be the artists rendition.

Some images were chipped into the sandstone wall.

We thought this looked like a bear claw

If you look closely at the figure above, it almost appears to have a mouth, nose and eyes.  I didn’t see that until I studied the picture later.

There was so much petroglyph art here compared to other ruins.

Off to the other side of the canyon was another larger and deeper cave.

We decided to investigate.

This is a biew of out of the cave down the canyon.

There was much evidence that the natives used this cave but never built buildings in it.  Nearly all the caves and ruins are facing south.  As this is opposite the split level ruins, it faces north.

Joanne spotted this gold colored hand

In order to hmgive you an idea of how big this cave is, look closely and that is Joanne and Susan way over there.

Another great hike and discovery today.


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