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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Checking Out A Canyon

We had checked nearly every dirt road to the left (towards Comb Ridge) and to the right the day before, right after our arrival at Butler Wash.

Last year we only checked out a couple of the many items here and wanted to take it all in.

Joanne had seen this onevroad we drove up to the end to find a salt lick for cattle.  Below is our view off into the distance.  A check of our map software we could see that in the distance there was a canyon.  

We all saw this as a good hike to explore into the canyon.

As with most our hikes, we are hiking through open range and cattle need to be navigated around.  They don’t pose a problem but we try to keep our distance.

This time of year, some creeks are flowing to Butler Creek, but some like this one is only wet in the canyon and up into the canyon.

We hiked through this wash above with trickling water and some dripping water falls.

Once deep in the canyon, I climbed high on the canyon edge to look forward to see what might be ahead.  We were at a canyon fork and the wash was now too thick to continue.  I took this picture above looking back to the canyon opening.

On the way back there is this freestanding chimney rock at the edge of the cliff.

I then looked to the right to see this stone tablet rock stuck perfectly vertical in the ground.  One thing that you do see often is rocks that fall from the cliffs, but their fall is generally random. 

This vertical rock slab looks out of place, but I was amazed that it fell and stuck so straight into the ground.

Not every exploratory hike yielded us ruins or petroglyphs, but that’s ok as there are many things in nature that are out their to be seen and we got to see them.


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