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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

A Day Of Rain And Snow

I tend to portray all the beautiful scenery, wonderful vistas, and pictures of interest finds.  Well, that’s what I travel out west to do, and also get away from winter in the northeast.

The reality is that although we generally have had good weather in southern Utah for exploring, there are down days.

This year has been wetter and colder than normal and we have been lucky to find as many things to do that we have in such limited geographical areas.

We stay at spots between 4000 and 5000 ft elevation this year to stay away from snowfall. Prior years 6000 to 7000 ft were ok to stay and travel.

Being that I usually do laundry once a week, and I’ve been along the Butler Wash for a week, I decided to head to Blanding for laundry and groceries.

It had rained all night and when I drove out of Butler Wash I had to quickly put it in 4x4 in order to climb the hill to the highway.  Even with 4x4 the surface mud was slippery and I worked to get to the road.

I texted back to camp the road conditions and advised on staying put.  Of course whomever goes out offers to get supplies for others, so I gladly took requests.

So rain in Bluff, UT turned to wet snow mixing in when I got to White Mesa.  Then it was mostly snow in Blanding at 6000 ft.  Cars coming from Monticello to the north had inches of snow on them.

After laundry I visited the grocery store for a week’s worth of supplies.  Then I visited the hardware store in town for a few things.  By the way, the Blanding hardware store has about anything you would need, as ther is nothing like it for miles.

By the time I get back to camp the rain has stopped and road is still slippery, but drying overnight we know there will be more adventures tomorrow.


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