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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Illinois to Alabama / SE GTG / Tornado Warning

I said goodbye to my aunt where I’m I stayed two nights in McHenry, IL on Sunday AM.  I choose to leave Sunday morning to get through Chicago with least traffic.

This year I took a new route and drive straight through to the SE GTG in Stevenson, AL.  It was a long day.  Through Chicago, to Indianapolis, IN, past Louisville, KY, then Bowling Green, KY and on to Nashville, TN I drove.  Finally turning south before Chattanooga, TN to Stevenson.

Friends Jane, Trish, and Rob and Karen were the ones there and the rain was on the way.

In fact severe weather was headed our way and a tornado had already occurred in MIssissippi.

It was early in the AM, before we all get up when Dan and Brenda, who were south of us had high winds and they sought shelter in Guntersville, AL

They sent us all notice in Messenger as there was a tornado warning.  Above was the warning cone.  I had left my roof down because of bad weather, and got up and in my cab and started driving to the tornado shelter in town across from the laundromat.

It turned out that Dan and Brenda were in the area of the tornado.  Oh no!  Glad there were ok.

Above the heart pin is the tornado shelter.  As I arrived the warning went away so I didn’t need to get in the shelter and went back to GTG.

I had checked out shelters in Stevenson my first year here and this was the first time I ran for shelter.  Tornados mean business.


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