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Monday, March 27, 2017

Hiking "The Wave" Part 2

The following are some additional pictures of The Wave and some of the surrounding area between The Wave and The Second Wave.

Time of day with light angles changes the coloring and the shadowed areas.   

This group below won the lottery too as the group of 6.  They took some pictures of me standing up on the wave.

Joanne was taking some pictures of me and took some on an angle to make it look like I was trying to sit up from a laying position. 

Rick, who also won the lottery with me, took this picture in a section of the wave that was shaded so the color is a deeper red.

Above this picture gives some texture and various coloring of the sediment layers.

Above the lines on the bottom get a bit washed out under direct sun but the wall maintains the color.

Rick had the idea of using this rain pool on top near the wave for its reflection in the water.

Another view of the pond at a different angle. 

From the above picture you can see that some of the sandstone got twisted at one time many millions of years ago.

Another view up close.

Another section of sandstone mounds are adjacent to the edge of the canyon rim.

Since The Wave is on a high hill there is a canyon on the edge that causes the water from rain to roll off continuing the formation of the sandstone for future visitors.

The roundtrip hike is listed as 6.2 miles.  We hiked 7.4 miles by adding in The Second Wave.  We spent 6 hours for our hike.  2 hours to and from The Wave and 2 hours there.  The hike is moderate with a significant amount of hiking in soft sand that can drain your energy.

Hiking up the hill that The Wave sits on is a tough hike up in this soft sand.  For each step forward you slide back some only to do it all over again until you are at the top.

Bring a good amount of water.  I took just under 4 liters.  Also plan to snack or lunch there before hiking back.  Don't rush as your not coming back soon.  Yiu are actually able reapply in two weeks from the last time you won.

Good luck if you try to obtain a Wave pass at either the online or the in-person lottery.



  1. What type of camera did you use to take these shots?

    1. Hi

      Thanks for the question. All my photos are from my IPhone 7. I have a point and shoot digital but have not used it as the phone is more effective for ease of picture taking.


  2. Wow, how many times can I say wow?

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

    1. Ming,

      Thank you for the follow. Yes it's been quite a year for me getting to hike Havasu Falls and then The Wave. Glad you enjoy it and hopefully you can get to see them some day.