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Monday, March 27, 2017

Day 82 3/25/17 - The Wave Lottery A Second Time

Morning over Lake Powell with moon rising.  This is how I was greeted this AM.

Today, I try again for The Wave lottery in Kanab, UT at the BLM Office.  I failed a couple weeks ago when I was last here.

It's Saturday and I figure it will be crowded at the lottery since it is the weekend.  It's Saturday and the lottery is drawn for the following day, Sunday.

It's an hour ride to Kanab and an hour ride back, so this is an investment in time that I feel is well worth it.

I have a nervous feeling this time and I arrive early and look at the poster board outside the BLM office waiting for 8:30 when the gathering for the lottery begins.

It's 8:30 and they open the lottery room for those in attendance.

The BLM guy on the left makes small talk and is very personable.  He looks around the room and sees empty seats and says to us all "Your chances are looking good.  This is the least amount of people that we have had in weeks."   "Of course we have a few minutes left."

There are always people rushing in the door to fill out the application with 2 minutes left.

The drawing starts. Remember that only 10 are drawn for tomorrow. 

Number of Applications: 32
My Number: 8

First drawn was #18 - 2 people
Next drawn #30 - 6 people and a sigh went out in the room. Only two spots left.
Next #10 - 1 person (from Massachusetts too)

One spot left

Oh I need to back up a bit.  Remember Joanne the woman I hiked Havasu Falls with, well I told her that I would apply for 2 people and if I won I would invite her and her two dogs. 


Next was #8 - 2 people (That's me!!!!!)

But only one spot left to go.  Joanne would understand and I would go, went through my head.

Wait!  The guy drawing the numbers said we don't like forcing people to go by themselves on this hike, so since there were two requested both can go.
Pinch me!  11 get to go tomorrow and I'm going and so does Joanne.  Oh my was I excited big time.

Here is my pass to go.  I'm going!

I immediately messaged Roxy who gave me inspiration to try this as she went last year and posted her pictures.  Thank you so much Roxy for sharing your trip so I could work on going too.

But wait again, rain is coming in and rain make that 8 Mike dirt road impassable in the clay areas.  I dove to the trailhead the last time but it was dry.  It was ok to drive.

The BLM guy had said if it rains it is slick and impassible for two wheel cars.  Add my Prius low clearance and RISK! 

It started raining with lots more showers to come before dark.  What do I do?  I buy insurance, well kind of insurance.  I call a 4x4 rental place and reserve a 4x4 Jeep to go to the trailhead.

I was not going to win The Wave lottery and then not be able to get there.

It was still early in this Saturday so Joanne and I decided to hike to the Toadstools.  See separate post on Toadstools Hike. 

Then more rain came through and I was feeling better about paying for a 4x4 Jeep.

The day ended with rainbow over Page.

I picked up the Jeep for the night and early start in the morning.

Dreaming about my hike to The Wave.



  1. Wow Brent, I'm so happy for you!

    And what a good idea for you to reserve a 4WD vehicle.

    I'll have to read Roxy's posts about it too, to add to the inspiration to go there some day.

    1. Ming,

      Here is Roxy's post on the Wave from last year.


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