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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Day 60 3/3/17 - Flagstaff / Staging For Backcountry Hike

My long awaited hike is this Sunday, so I decided to use Flagstaff, AZ as my staging point on Friday, in case I need any last minute things. There are no stores where I'm going.  You have to bring everything.  I was on the road early from the Phoenix area where I was yesterday.  They had a big snow storm a few days ago and the remnants are still around, but it is warming up and melting. 

Once I arrived in Flagstaff I spent an hour in Walmart contemplating, and then buying last minute needs.  There are very few wants on this trip, but I will sneak a couple in the backpack.

After my visit to Walmart then I headed out to a park to organize everything again.  I took the backpack apart and went through everything again.  I had bought quart and gallon ziploc bags and I put things in bags for organization and moisture control.  This took me 2.5 hours while also making hot water to wash and making lunch.

Tomorrow night I will be camping at the trailhead waiting for Sunday morning's first light for the 10 mile hike into one of the more beautiful places in the west, from all accounts.

Therefore, I will be off the Internet for a few days, and this will be my last post until I get back / I am ready to post again.

When I pick up writing my blog again, I plan to catch you all up on what I did on each day of being offline and hope to have some great pictures too.

When I'm back I also need to provide all the background into this hike, how I found out about it, the joining of forces to get the permit, and the preparation.

This will take a number of posts to catch up on all of this, so stay tuned.

I will be offline Saturday 3/4/17 until Wednesday 3/8/17.  When you don't see my daily post over this time don't fret.  



  1. Best wishes on your hike, I'm betting the Grand Canyon is your destination hiking to the bottom and then back out, and been thinking that for awhile.

    1. Tim,

      Thanks for following and your guess. I just posted my hike destination and it was Havasu Falls. It is a hike into Havasu Canyon on the Havasupai Reservation to the west of Grand Canyon NP. So, you were correct, but just not at the National Park.

      I will be covering all about my hike over the next few days. It was the hardest hike I've ever done and the most beautiful.



  2. Amazing post with great info indeed!They had a big snow storm ,beautiful.