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Monday, March 27, 2017

Hiking "The Wave" - "The Second Wave"

About a half a mile away from The Wave is the second wave.  It is totally different than The Wave, as you can see in the picture above.

I find the contrast amazing within the raised lines of the sediment, and as it compares to The WAVE's smooth surface.

From this angle you can't tell much other than colored lines.

The technique I used to take the picture is to get down low and bring out the raised texture to give a 3 dimensional view.  This provides for a whole different perspective. 

Still the colors are beautiful at The Second Wave, but the textures of the lines is what makes The Second Wave unique. 

I have my shade hat in now at mid day to keep the strong sun off my head.

Rick, the other guy from MA who won the lottery for The Wave, just before me, took this picture.  Joanne and I met him up at The Wave and we hiked together to The Second Wave and back to the trailhead together.

He spent the winter skiiimg up at Jackson, WY and headed down in mid March to do some hiking in the area.  The day of the lottery he drove down from Zion NP to take a shot at the lottery.  He won on his first try.



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    1. Thanks. You are so true. This has been a year of wonderful experiences for me, brought to me by good fortune.