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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Days 77 3/20/17 - Hot Wells Dunes BLM Layover

I drove to Hot Wells Dunes - BLM yesterday and gave myself today as a layover day before my Global Entry Interview with Homeland Security in Douglas, AZ tomorrow morning.

The picture above is BLM road repair as I head back into Hot Wells Dunes (HWD) from the town of Safford.  Safford is 32 miles from HWD and I wanted to go to have an email printed and pick up some food at Walmart.

The BLM is poring concrete bases for the wash crossings to hold down erosion and making it better for traffic to pass.

The camping area at HWD is sand and grass Dunes and a few short trees in the first campsites.  This place is popular for off road vehicle use.

It's been in the 90's here lately and there are pit toilets and picnic tables at some sites with rubbish removal.  It is $3.00 a day even if visiting.  With my senior access pass it's half price $1.50.  Oh, you get to use the hot tubs filled with solar power and hot from geothermal water.

Bring lots of water to stay hydrated! 

This solar panel pumps water as long as it has sun.  The hot tubs auto drain when the sun goes down. 

Beautiful sunset cloud over the pit composting toilets.  Art and function meet in this picture and in the one above.


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