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Monday, March 27, 2017

Day 83 3/26/17 - Hiking "The Wave" Part 1

By now you know that I won the BLM lottery to visit The Wave.  There is way too much to cover in one blog post, so this is the introduction and there will be more blogs to follow. 

Above is my 4x4 rental I picked up last evening in Page to get me to The Wave trailhead.  The rain stopped late yesterday evening.  This mornings ride in found places were people had been stuck and large ridges from tires in the mud mostly dry.

I could have gotten the Prius in by being very careful but I am much happier not to risk damaging the Prius as it's going to get me home in about a month.

A few weeks ago I hiked the Wire Pass Trail in this same area.  The picture is of what is called teepees. 

On the way out on this 6.2 mile round trip to The Wave there is plenty of beautiful scenery to look at.

Up and down and up walking on rock and sand we went to The Wave.

Our first look at The Wave above.  So beautiful.

It was a long trek up a hill with beach sand that was tiring. 

The sandstone colors jump out to offer a wonderful design.

Here I sit riding the wave, I guess.  Water carved the sandstone but there were also forces in the earth many millions of years ago that also twisted the sand surface to add to the dynamic curves.  

A clean wave picture. 

Up at the very top of the wave.  Check out the curved lines in the right.

Now a picture of me in the wave to give an idea of how big this is.

Here Joanne is taking pictures and I am tending her dogs Maeve and Cafe.

Now looking way down stream at the wave.  Can you tell how happy I am to have won the lottery to be here?

Each hiker group gets a 2 part pass.  One for the car dash and the other to tie to the backpack.

Oh beauty extends beyond the wave in this spring desert flower.



  1. Wow, gorgeous pictures! I can see why you have a big smile on your face.

    I'm glad to hear that one can bring dogs. How did you find the hike in and out? Of course, you're in good shape from your training for your Grand Canyon hike.

    1. Ming,

      The hike is listed as 6.2 miles to The Wave, but visiting the Second Wave and looking around brought our hike to 7.2 miles. We took 6 hours with 2. something to get there and back with the rest looking around.

      The hike is down a wash for 1/2 mile then rocky/ sandy trail, over hard rock surfaces and sand trails. Lastly s hike up the hill that The Wave is on through beach sand to the top. This was hard work but overall the trail is moderate.

      Yes so beautiful and it is dog friendly on leash.


  2. Awesome pictures! Looks almost too pretty to walk on...

    1. Manina,

      Because it is fragile sandstone they limit the daily passes to 20 people. 10 online through a lottery and 10 in-person lottery

      They ask not to use poles and tripods with metal endsvto keep wear of the sandstone to a minimum.


  3. Beautiful photos. I want to travel like you.

    1. Thanks - I love to see and do new things. Traveling each year gives me the time and ability to enjoy what nature provides. You can do it, even if you start just looking around where you are. During the summer I don't write but I still hike and enjoy what I have wherever I am.