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Thursday, March 2, 2017

How Did I Learn About Havasu Falls?

I happened to be following Mae Chervrette for some time on Instagrram.  Mae an artist in Boston, and during my last years travels she posted the above on April 12, 2016.

This was the first I have ever heard of Havasu Falls, and this was my 3 year of solo traveling the southwest.  I have also been visiting AZ for years and looked at places to visit and had never seen Havasu Falls on publications. 

Once I saw Mae's picture I knew I had to visit Havasu Falls and I wanted it to be this year.

As I researched Havasu Falls and the more I learned, I became obsessed with going.  Obsessed is not too strong a word for how I felt.  I felt it was just calling me to go.

In order to hike to Havasu Falls I needed to overcome some limitations, both physical and equipment, as I live in a Prius and room for more stuff was going to have a huge impact on my day to day Iife on the road.

I believe I have read every online webpage, posts, and blogs I could find about Havasu Falls.  I wanted to know everything in order to prepare.

The biggest issue was going to be securing the permit from the Havasupai Reservation for March as I leave the area and head east in April. 


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