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Friday, March 31, 2017

Days 87 & 88 3/30 & 31/17 - Storm Sends Us Back to Page, AZ

Spring in southern UT can bring rain or snow or both.  RT 12 is the only viable road in and out of the Town of Escalante with 8000 + elevation to the west where Bryce Canyon, NP is, and northeast through Boulder, UT to the west side of Capitol Reef, NP also at high elevation. Both are predicting over 6 inches of snow.

Even if The Town of Escalante proper got cold rain many of the dirt roads off Hole In The Rock Road, where we wish to go and hike, will be impassable even with a high clearance vehicle, like Joanne's Sprinter. 

We decided to head south to Page where rain was a sure thing and we would be on passable roads.  It was also getting time for me to head east on my last month of travels to other places.

It's a 3 hour drive to Page, AZ and we got dinner in before a wind storm came up in front of the coming storm.  At times it was impossible to see and staying inside our vehicles was the way to survive it.

Joanne had flattened her outdoor table to keep it from the wind, only to have to chase it before blowing into Lake Powell. Unfortunately she had to go out and get pelted by the sand.

This wind and sand is a test to see what crevices you have for dust and dirt to get into your vehicle.

The car rocking wind and rain came overnight.  Clearer and cooler weather were what was offered the next day but it was snowing in southern UT still, where we had left.


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