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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Day 72 3/15/17 - The Wave Lottery

Spoiler Alert!

I didn't win the daily lottery to hike to The Wave.  Read on to learn how hard it is to get a permit.

I have a vandweller friend that did win the lottery last year, and gave me the inspiration to get a permit this year to hike it.

This is Roxy and she loves photography and also sells her pictures

I asked if I could introduce her in my blog and she welcomed the idea.  She reminded me that it was one year ago that she went to the wave and took photos and posted her visit on her blog below.  

Please click the blog link for The Wave Pictures, and check out her other posts.  She would also welcome you to sign up to follow her too.

She sells her photos from her webpage as follows.

I'm on my way from Page, AZ to Kanab, UT, about an hour away, but note that now that time has changed, AZ is now on Pacific Time and UT is one hour later at Mountain Time, so you loose an hour and it takes an hour to drive there!

The Parking lot is full at 8:45 and the side streets are lined with cars too.

The clipboards are filled out by each person/group.  I was next to the last to show up for Lottery to The Wave.  I was number 44 of 45 applications for 116 people.

When I said it was crowded I mean the room was packed.

It only took a couple numbers to be drawn to fill the 10 slots to go tomorrow.

Each day they have the lottery for tomorrow's hike.  Since you can request up to 10 slots as soon as they havev10 the lottery is over.

There are two lotteries.  The one above for the next day in person at the BLM office in Kanab.

The other is online for 10 people 4 months in advance.  You can get all the details on the lotteries from the BLM at:

Having time on my hands, as it was still morning, I wanted to check out the area.    I headed south towards the North Rim of the Grand Canyon

The white road off the yellow is to the north rim.  It's still closed due to snow but I did see big equipment in the road that looked like they may be getting the road cleared to open for the season.

I made my way south on US89A past lots of wonderful scenery 

There are a lot of balancing rocks out here.

I stopped at Lee's Ferry Landing where Grand Canyon Rafting trips start.  Hmm, possibly next year.

This is also where my raft trip on Friday ends.

Just below the Landing there are light rapids.  The big rapids start 8 miles down river.

All kinds of tours and private permits are issued to raft down the Colorado River through the Hrand Canyon.  It's 250 mikes before you can take your raft out!

I better start planning if I want to do take this rafting trip.  The shortest I understand is 8 days with very large rafts.

I'll have to do some research.



  1. Bummer, looks like an amazing hike!

    1. Manina,

      It gives me something to focus on for my 2018 travels.