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Friday, March 24, 2017

Day 79 3/22/17 - Bowie, AZ to Phoenix

I left Bowie, AZ where Hot Well Dunes is and headed to Phoenix for the night as a cold front was coming through from California.  I wanted to stage in Phoenix as this storm gave snow to the Flagstaff area.

Above is a picture of a dust devil as I approached Safford, AZ. 

I had first thought I would go see the Arizona Diamondbacks play a spring training game on Thursday but the game with the Cubs was sold out.

In the way to Globe, AZ I spotted this hill with yellow desert flowers starting to bloom.

Above is an up close picture of the yellow bush in bloom.

I made it to Phoenix before the cold front came through.  The front brought a gust of wind with blowing dust and dirt through this parking lot as I was sitting there.

It was similar to what happens when they get a Haboo here, but visibility didn't go to zero here.  The wind rocked the Prius and was very stiff to vehicles on the highway. 


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