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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Day 66 3/9/17 - Tucson / After Hike Divesting

Living in a Prius is hard to do with limited space.  Then add a full 50 Ltr. backpack, two pair of hiking boots, winter coat, and so on I'm feeling very crowded.

My Merrill Moab hikers have to take a backup roll now my backcountry hike is done.  Since these boots still fit well, they will make a great work boot at home 

I had bought a second pair of Merrill Moab Hikers in case this pair broke prior to my hike.  It gave me a backup, just in-case. These will become my hikers for the next two months of my travels.

Here I am again mailing my older hiker  boots and a few other small items home. I plan on one more shipment home before April 1 when I drive east.  I have a few items and a requested gift to send back, and yes, I'm happy to open up some more space in my Prius.

I also needed to return this REI Bivy Sac (the kind that Joanne used on the hike) that I bought just in case I needed room, and save weight in my backpack, but at the last minute I went with my $30.00 tent.  Therefore, the $169.00 Bivy gets returned to REI today.

Driving before sunrise this am I noticed the road ahead of me was dark on the drivers side.  Investigation of the problem found the low beam was out.  The other one on the passenger side died a few weeks ago.  I'm back at AutoZone for a replacement.

A day in the life of Prius living/organizing.


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