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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Days 75 & 76 3/18 & 19/17 - Page to Southern AZ

I'm on another mission.  Since I will be traveling outside the country again this year, I have applied for Global Entry Status. I'll write about this in another post.

I have been looking at where it would be best to stop for an appointment to be interviewed by Homeland Security and all the major markets are a few months out for an opening.

I can get an appointment next week in Southern AZ so I am leaving the Page area to head south for an appointment. 

This is over a 500 mile drive and I plan to come back to Northern AZ / Southern UT after my appointment.  Of course my plans are dependent on the weather too.

Of recent in Page it has been in the mid 80's each day and in the high 40's at night.  For me this is great vandwelling weather and my solar system is very happy with all the sun.

Before I leave I needed to stop in at the Laundromat.  I got to meet a guy who just retired and moved here in Page.  I've gotten to meet and talk to people at places I go,  places I hike, and places I park/camp.  The diversity of prople, politics, and personality, had been very interesting.

My license plates beg the question about why I'm here. 

My first stop is back in Winslow, AZ at a campground as my trip to BLM land is over 7 hours away.  Winslow is only 2.5 hours and a nice stop right next to the water. 

Winslow is an excellent place to stop with all the things I need to access and is convenient as it is just off I40.

You can't beat the spot to camp either.

I'm up and ready to drive 5.5 hours today to my next stop on BLM land for a couple days before the appointment. By now you know I'm a morning person, always ready to go or do something first thing in the am.

I drove straight south through the mountains and the town of Payson.  Further south, coming down past Roosevelt Dam, I was stuck in traffic.

This is a nice  wide road and a box truck was on its side and SUV on its roof / people were gone to hospital and FD was waiting for wreckers.

It was a 1/2 hour stoppage.

Near Globe, AZ I found this nice patch of desert bloom.

Then later on BLM land this roadside color.

I'll be hanging on BLM land for a couple of days until my appointment.


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