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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Painted Desert And Petrified Forest National Park

To my surprise, after checking out my friend mother's land it was mid afternoon and I found myself driving by the Petrified Forest National Park.  Heck, I have time to drive through and see the sights on the way to camp in Winslow.  

The north side of I40 is the Painted Desert side of the park.

Mostly red before heading south over the highway towards the Petrified Forest part.

I like looking at the layers that are different colors for a line of contrast.

I only stopped a couple of times as I have been here before, but since it was on the way it was a great opportunity. 

They are serious about not picking up rocks.  You are asked to disclose if you have rocks when you enter so when you leave and you are chosen to have your vehicle checked, they know if you picked up any.  I was not checked but they reserve the option.

It's amazing to see how these trees got Petrified. 

Whole tree trunks laying around.

There are some interesting colors that are formed.

I drove one way through the park's 26 mile long road.  At the south end there are gift shops that sell petrified pieces.

On to Holbrook to pick up I40 west.



  1. This place is in my bucket list.

    I can even hike with my dog on the trails.