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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Yellow Creek Park - Disc Golf

On Saturday, 4/16/16 - (Day 104) on my way to overnight in Evansville, IN, taking my time following the old US highways, I decided to go to Yellow Creek Park just east of Owensboro, KY to play disc golf.

It is a well maintained park with the first 9 holes in woods and a couple fields.  The wooded areas were not tight to play.

On the first hole my drive set me up for 2 on a par 3 hole but I needed a 50 foot out.  Here is my disc and if you look close you can see the basket.  I made the put that put a smile on my face.

When arrived there was a line to tee off on the first hole.  I made me a sansmdwich and the backlog was gone.

Here is one of the tight drives.

The 2nd nine holes were around a small pond. This drastically increases the difficulty for playing and the chances of loosing a disc in the alge bordered pond.

I got to the 18rh hole and couldn't play it or should I say I didn't want tin play it.

I threw one 290 foot drive today but typically I throw around 200 ft drives, so although I could possibly make the drive across the water probability has it that I couldn't make it.

Here is the throw.  A group of 4 played this hole before me and they had to work arounnd this woman and child sitting at the end of the tee box.

I decided to play another hole twice to get 18 holes in.

Although I have improved my game each Travels I know my limitations and unfortunately my game isn't a long one.


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