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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Day 100 Of Brent's Prius Travels 2016

I've been on my 2016 Travels for 100 days today.


It's sort of a landmark but one of my blog followers figured out I'm behind myself in posting.


Yes it's true.  When I was with family in Utah i said to myself, isn't it great that visiting the 5 Utah National Parks will fill in the days I'm actually not touring something.  It worked very well as one blog per National Park would not do the parks justice.

Little did I know that I would put myself behind in terms of wher levive been.  I don't post where I am but where I've been but I have been in AL/GA area since 4/1/16.

It's the 12th of April and I'm still getting myself through Texas on my way east.

I have also been plagued by terribly slow wifi at my stops thus I can't post more than one pictured heavy post per day.  Can't sit for hours at McDonalds you know.

So,  I am working hard to shorten the gap today but I will not catch up too quickly as I have been busy since I've been here seeing sites that need to be written about.  It could take a week once I get home to finish posting.

It's been a blast on my travels.  I see new things all the time.  I meet new people and hear their stories too.  


Thank you for following and I'll eventually end this year's travels but I have a lot more for you over the next few weeks until get home.



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