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Thursday, April 21, 2016

My Prius - "Living in a really small Space."

I met Dan at the GTG my first day there flying his two drones.  Both have cameras and can take video.

Dan and I have something in common in that we were both in the fire service and we were both EMT's.

I am kind of an oddity in that I'm just under 6 feet tall and I live in a Prius.  Not only do I live in my Prius, I have the same general capabilities in my Prius that I had in my Class B.

This being my second year living in my Prius, I have some engineering improvements this year that stand out.  One is my table that doesn't have legs and stores in the same space I had least year.  That's right no additional space requirements for carrying a table.

I carried my back packing table too but never used it.  My table design worked so well I will not bring the backpacking one next year.

I also designed a better water storage system and access to my clothing.

These along with some things that are less visible, my Prius living was much better.

So, Dan asked I he could video my setup and I was happy to help others looking to travel in small spaces. 

Here is the link to Dan's blog where he posted still shots and there is a link to the YouTube video.

Thanks to Dan for making this available and if anyone has questions please email me or post to this blog and I will reply.


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