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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Galveston to Bolivar Peninsula Ferry - Saturday 4/2/16 (Day 90)

My drive along the Texas Gulf Coast brought me to Galveston and through the center of town with its stately Sounthern homes to the ferry I wanted to take to Bolivar Peninsula.

I was surprised there was no cost to take the ferry to Bolivar as it is run be the Texas Department of Transportation.

They line all the vehicles up based on length and fill lines to go on the next arriving ferry.

Here is my Prius onboard the trip across the gap between the barrier lands.

Leaving port in Galveston we picked up some seagulls looking for lunch.

They found some folks willing to feed then, often eating out of their hands.

They were a fun diversion to watch.

Here is the ferry going the other way to Galveston.

On the Bolivar Peninsula I started looking for a place to park for the night.


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