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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Gerst Haus, Evensville, IN - Dinner & Beer

After my drive up from the GTG in Stevenson, AL Saturday, 4/16/16 - (Day 104) I decided to end my day with a free hotel in Evansville, IN using my hotel points.

After checking in I decided to treat myself to dinner.  A search brought me to the Gerst Haus German Restaurant in the old section of Evansville.

There were a couple of restaurants across the street that also appeared to be popular too.

The high ceilings and Germsn artifacts gives a pleasant atmosphere.  I sat solo in a booth and had wonderful service, although my food order was misplaced the waitress immediately told me and apologized.  I was still working on my beer and checking things out so it didn't matter.

I had a locally made lager.

And the Knockwurst plate to round out my German experience.  

Here is a bit of the motif above my booth.

It was a great restaurant with excellent food and service.


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