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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Wasatch Brew Pub, Park City, UT

No longer being a skier, each day the family skied I walked around town or visited places I did not go to last year.

Today I chose to have lunch at the Wastach Brew Pub on the upper part of the Main Street in Park City.

I was greated immediately upon entering the pub and was quickly seated at a high top table.  My view included the bar and active brew work.

I chose the Provo Girl Plisner for my choice of draft beer.

Here is a closer look at the beer selections.  I do wish that brew pubs would have a brief review of their beer based on taste to help with selection.

I was a bit thirsty drinking half the delicious beer from my walk up the hill before the burger arrived.  The service was great in a moderately filled place.

Note that this place is heavily patronized at night when everyone gets off the slopes from skiing.

 The burger was very good with a unique crusted bun.  I laid in the supplied condiments and it was so big I needed to cut it in half.

To my new friend the beer taster, you should add this place to your list.

Thanks to my namesake son for switching me to craft beer.  It has opened a whole new world of exploration during my travels.


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  1. I've been here before. Good stuff. I love their Polygamy Porter, but did not recommend it to you since it's a darker beer and I know you like them light and crisp. I love their slogan "Polygamy Porter, bring some home to the wives!" Cheers!