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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pecos River Crossing - Friday 4/1/16 (Day 89)

The Google map above doesn't exactly connect my starting and ending point of the day as I chose to head south along the Mexican border towards the southern tip of Texas and then head due easy to Padre Island, near Corpus Christi, TX

Well, I like secondary roads so I can see small towns and take in a lot more. 

This was a beautiful vista stop overlooking the Pecos River on my way south facing north.

Looking in the southern direction.

It was a long day ride but I have never been here and my eyes were revolving around my head.

Something different happened about the time I crossed the Pecos River.  I could smell the Gulf of Mexico humidity.  I've been out west for many months now and things like the smell of humidity mixed with the smell of the area overwhelmed me.  It was a breath deep moment as I will soon be aclamated and the moment will be gone.  

Well you have to experience such things to appreciate the moment.


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