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Monday, April 25, 2016

Demoing Park Disc Golf - Terre Haute, IN

On Sunday 4/17/16 (Day 105) on the second leg of my drive to McHenry, IL from the GTG I stopped in Terre Haute to play disc golf in the park.

It was Sunday so I figured the course would be crowded.  When I arrived mid-day I parked in a pull-out on the park road mid course and started playing at that point as there was no other players.

The course is mostly open with a few mature trees to add some limited difficulty.  In one direction you play with woods to your left.  On the way back the park drive, in the picture above, marks the left side out of bounds.

The course is nice although I did have to wait on a few throws until people walking in the park passed.

I had just enough time to get the 18 holes in in order to get on the road and be in McHenry by 5:00 pm.

I was pleased to get 18 holes in both Saturday and Sunday.


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