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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Coonskin Park Disc Golf, Charleston, WV

On Thursday, 4/21/16 (Day 109) after my drive to and through Charleston, WV, I stopped at Coonskin Park to play 18 holes of disc golf.

There wasn't anyone else on the mostly hilly tight course.  The photo above gives you an idea of what most of the holes in the woods are like.

If you look way down the hill through the trees you can see the basket.  Not much chance of not hitting a tree, or two, or three.  Yea, on this hole I hit 3 trees to get to the basket.

This course certainly provided cardio exercise with 8 holes on one side of the Vally with the road at the bottom and the back 9 holes on the opposite side of the valley.

This raised rail above the basket was curious to me until the first commercial flight came over me to land.  It is an elevated light system guiding aircraft to the runway above.

After I figured out what it was I didn't understand why a playground was directly under the flight path at the base of the hill the planes land on.  This is a ver path park with a lot of places to have the children play rather than under landing aircraft.

I had a decent game less the very wooded fairways.

After playing the course I was on my way towards Maryland.


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  1. Next time you are here, I'll take you to Thomas A. Dixon Jr. Aircraft Observation Area. There's a playground right under the landing path at BWI. The kids love it as the planes aren't too loud since they are landing and they can get an up close and personal view of them.