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Friday, January 11, 2019

Antenna Pole For Four Wheel Camper

The reason I have a Tacoma and Four Wheel Camper in place of my wonderful Prius campervan is that I want to go places that require 4x4 and high clearance, mostly in Utah but some places in Arizona.  These places I go have poor or no cell service or television.

Even here in Quartzsite, AZ, mounting the television antenna on my FWC rooftop bracket will not pull in a signal.

My friend Joanne had better service from cell towers with her amplifier antenna on top of her sprinter.  My cell amplifier antenna on top of my camper was much less effective.

I decided on making an antenna pole holder using the jack bracket on the passenger rear of the camper.  I used pvc pipe with a cap on the bottom and holes and stainless hardware through the jack bracket’s 3 holes.

Inserted in the PVC pipe is an 4 foot to 8 foot painters pole from my local True Value hardware store. I needed to remove the blue handle end so pole will fit in the PVC pipe.

I then found an adapter on Amazon from corse painter pole thread to 3/4” black pipe thread adapter. (above)

This allowed me to get a short piece of black pipe threaded on both ends to insert into the painters pole adapter and a 3/4” black pipe flange from Home Depot. (Above)

This antenna pole with the cast iron pipe flange is perfuct for magnetic antenna base. Therefore, the pole can be used for my flat TV Antenna I made with magnetic base, (as shown) my cell phone amplifier antenna, and now that I have my ham radio license my ham radio antenna. 

This antenna pole has worked great with TV here in Quartzsite, so I suspect I will have better reception for when I’m off grid in Utah.

One of the advantages of the Truck/Camper combination over the Prius is being able to carry and use antennas this way.



  1. Strength at base in wind with leverage?

    Looks crowded. I thought you parked off by yourself at RTR. Maybe with so many more participants that’s not possible.

  2. Makes one think twice before setting out in a RAV4/Prius with lack of antenna mounting options. If one's style is to stay put in the middle of no where for awhile, things could get boring. :o How does Joanne's cell antenna differ from yours?

  3. Also, please feel free to document the types of roads you are able to get down with your 4x4 that your Prius could not! Thx.