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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

How Many Can You Fit Into FWC Fleet Camper?

Above is my neighborhood at the RTR.

Who would think that my Fleet model For Wheel Camper could fit all my friends in the camper.  Joanne is in a Freightliner Sprinter style van, Susan is in a Toyota RAV4, and David is in a Dodge Caravan.

It gets dark early and turns cool when the sun goes down and sitting outside without a fire gets cold.  I have opted to even cook for everyone too.

My Fleet has a long bench on the passenger side, where I sleep on it most nights.  This bench wraps around to the counter giving even more sitting room.

So, how many fit in my FWC camper?

4 Adults and1Full-size Poodle

The poodle on the floor and 8 adult feet take up all the floor space.

We could actually fit a couple more adults in if I jumped up on the bed above the cab and remove some things on the floor and  there would be 2 more seats available below on the bench.  

It’s tight / cozy, but we did it and allowed us to extend our day visiting into the evening.

My bench design turned out to be nice feature of my FWC camper.


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