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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Quartzsite Arrival And Start Of RTR

I arrived in Quartzsite, AZ on Sunday, 1/6/19 after spending 2 nights in Tucson.  Tucson is my layover stop to organize and take on provisions for my stay in Quartzsite.

Above picture is from my RTR (Rubber Tramp Rendezvous) put on by Bob Wells Of  I never get tired of the beautiful sunsets.

Quartzsite has stores but as the town swells to 500,000 during January over their 3,500 annual population, there are lines and higher prices  in local stores.  I will patronize the local stores during my 2 week stay to supplement what I need.

I got 2 disc golf games in the Quartzsite 9 hole municipal course my first two days here.  It doesn’t cost anything to play.

I visited some friends at their camp in Quartzsite before the start of the RTR.  Their flag has the letters YARC for You Ain’t Right Club.  A playful title for the differences they have.

Tonight we had a flyover from an ultralight.  They were flying up and down each area with campers.

I happened to pull into the PARTR (PAR-T-R) a play in the letters RTR to designate this area is a more noisy area of folks that like to party.  Above is a moving party stage.

Tonight’s dinner i made a sautéed shrimp over spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots, and blueberries.

Dinner in the desert with friends.  Desert was lemon cookies from my dear friend Joyce.  She has given me cookies to take on my trip each year.  I wish her a continued trouble free recovery from major surgery.  The cookies are wonderful Joyce!

This morning was the opening of the RTR.  Here on stage is the founder, Bob Wells.  Doing a promo to the camera.

The RTR gathering is expected to draw about 10.000 people.  This is double from last year and yet previous years.  This is my 5th year.  It used to be a small close group of people now it is huge.

I’m having fun meeting up with people that have become friends over the years.  This is my principle reason for attending.

Yes, I’m pushing the beautiful sunsets.

The RTR has sections or subgroups.  This is the art camp.  I have a good friend who will be here later in the week.

The BLM (Bureau Of Land Management) bulldozed a road into this normally day-use area to hold the ever growing event.  It’s a bit of a test for some large vehicles getting through this deep wash.  This motorhome made it.

I have chosen to stay outside the main area and walk over.  This walk gives me necessary exercise I lacked getting at home before leaving.

Here is my camper.  I met a guy named Jeff where I’m parked at the RTR.  I saw him on Facebook before leaving as he traveled the southwest.  I noticed he had many of the same friends from home.  I contacted him and found out he lived in the next town from me and his sister lives in my town.

Although we did not previously know each other,  we have a common interest and common friends.  We met for the first time at the RTR.

If you would like to know more about the RTR please check out

Here is Bob’s first day youtube video


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