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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

2019 Stone House Hike & Petroglyphs

Each year while attending the RTR in Quartzsite, AZ I like to hike up to the Stone House in the Canyon in the mountains to the east.  It’s suffered mostly from vandalism over the years but still stately.

On the way to the Stone House we were stopped by a ATV with a man and woman, and the man was excited to tell us about some Petroglyphs not far from where we were.  I’m always into Petroglyphs so we walked over to check them out.

It was one panel with a portion of it removed by raiders of our history on this Federal Land.  It hurts me to see people damage our public lands and history.  

After the Petroglyphs viewing it was on to the Stone House.  There, it was time for water and snacks and saying high to others who also hiked and took motorcycle / ATV.

This is a look back down the road in and through the mountain pass just beyond the Stone House.  It was a long continuous hike up hill and that is the kind of hike I like.

On the way back down to the RTR gathering I decided to walk the wash to look for any additional Petroglyphs.  Alas, I didn’t find any but I enjoyed the yellow blooming flowers.  It’s been wet in the desert this winter and there is a green hue and flowers looking to bloom later.

There are no two saguaros alike and this grouping stood out to me.

Again off trail, I got this shot of Cholla Cactus in the foreground and it seemed to frame the hill behind.

Above is my hike as captured on the AllTrails App.

It’s a nice hike that part of it was through the desert off trail.  6.4 miles is a great workout with over 500 ft in elevation.


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