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Friday, January 18, 2019

2019 Small Car Living Gathering At RTR

My friends Suanne, David, and John all partipated in this year’s Small Car Living Gathering at RTR with their Prius’s.  I was once part of a foursome, but I diverted to my Tacoma / FWC camper last year.

I have a special place in my heart for that way of life.  Three years at 4 months each I lived in my Prius in the road.  That’s living a Prius for a whole year! It was honestly a great experience.  

My desire to move to a pop up truck camper came with a desire for ability to travel less traveled roads in Utah, that the Prius couldn’t go.

It was great seeing my original Prius Friends and to see newer ones.  Missing is Nancy who got stuck in a snow storm after being delayed leaving for the RTR.

Above is a Honda with a pop up roof that was of interest to many.

Then there was this Toyota with a roof rack with a water storage system that can be pressurized to take hot showers.  Black pipe absorbs heat and under pressure it will squirt through a nozzle.

There were other Prius’s there, with one that carries a in-demand hot water heater.  

It was a fun afternoon meeting andvtalking to folks.  You never know, I may be seen in a Prius again some day.



  1. Pics didn't come through, but I'm glad you got to catch up!

  2. Hello Brent,

    I was hoping,to meet you and your group of Prius friends here at the RTR but had to have a mechanic look at my van during the Prius presentations. If it is possible to just say hello today and thank you in person for your tips and beautiful photos it would be great.