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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Where Did I Camp At RTR

The RTR moved further up Mitchell Mine Road here in Quartzsite, AZ from last year.  Above is the general layout in an area not used as part of the general 14 Day camping.  It was allowed for the Cheap RV Living organizer Bob Wells.  

Knowing the logistics of access through one entrance, I along with many others, stayed in the old RTR area just back down the road towards I10.  I actually camped in same road, off the main road, as I did last year, but closer to the main road.  I’m about a 10 minute walk up the road to the main stage.

I moved around to get better solar and get away from people that run their generator on and off all night.

Here is an aerial view of the main RTR area and above the yellow line is the old area.  I’m parked with friends off the road going to the top right of the pucture. (This picture is from social media)

Above is a zoomed in on the larger picture above and I am parked to the right above the trailer in the center.  To the left of me are two of my previous RTR friends.

The RTR is nearly over and it’s about 1 mile across the RTR from where I am.

There are plenty of places to park and you can park like I did and then move as your needs fit.  

I ended up parking in the ParTR area where they party till 2 am but they are way down the road and I can barely hear them.  The generators that big rigs run are the problevwhen they start and stop all night.  You don’t argue just move.


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