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Friday, January 25, 2019

The 2019 Lunar Eclipse Was A Bust For Me

I had such fun last year when I took the following picture during the Blood Red Wolf Moon Eclipse.

Because of last year I was so looking forward to finding the right shot again this year.

At the RTR I went out searching for that right spot to take my photo for this years’s eclipse.  I found the following spot a couple days before this year’s eclipse.

I even found a backup photo spot the day before.

With my location set, I just needed clear skies.

The sky was cloudy most of the night, as the moon rose over the mountains to the east and well into the night.  I got down about it and went to bed at 10 pm to find friends sending texts after I gave up.

In the morning I did get a moon setting picture but it lacked the luster of my plan.

The next night the moon was bright as I headed back to my camper from the main campfire at the QuartzFest (Ham Radio Gathering)

Although I try to find that right picture with my IPhone, and I often get the shot, this year’s eclipse wasn’t meant to be.

Will try again in 2 years for the next Lunar Eclipse


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