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Sunday, January 20, 2019

All Items Left On Public Land Is Trash

With upwards of 7k people attending the RTR here in Quartzsite, AZ, there are always people who trash our public lands.  There are always a few that can hit the rest of us.

I so much appreciate being able to camp on federal lands at no cost other than leave it better than the way you found it.  Most of us follow this belief and strive to keep our public lands available for all in the future.

There are groups that have rallied to make a difference. (Below)

(Below is copied from Facebook, related picture above.)

Hello Everyone,

Wow! Thank you so much for your help, volunteers! You guys are amazing. You came together and accomplished an astonishing amount. With your donations of time and money, we were able to rent and fill two 40 yard dumpsters. Numerous tires and a large pile of metal were also collected.

A giant congratulations to Seth Knight for being the man. He was our on the ground organizer and the event couldn't have happened without him.

I'd like to say the event was a tremendous success, but I can not. The site of the event is a disaster. Tons of scrap material were collected without a disposal plan and were left behind at the end of the event.

I don't think it's fair for us to expect Seth to shoulder this burden. He's a busy guy with a real life and he's been in stuck with this mess for more than a month.

As such, we're sending out a call for volunteers to take over. We need people that are willing to step up, finish the job, and get this area as clean as it was before we started.

If you are near Ehrenberg, AZ or planning to be there in the near future and willing to step up as an event coordinator, please contact us.

Some of the items may be of use to you, ie. van seats. Almost all of the materials are accepted at the dump. Just like last year's cleanup, I will reimburse any dump fees (with receipts) and gas (pickup truck or trailer loads - pictures required). I will also rent a trailer for someone willing to pull it. Please contact me ahead of time with your plans if you would like to be reimbursed for your expenses.

Thank You,
Public Land Society

(Above is copied from Facebook, related picture above.)

My picture at the beginning of this post shows the cigarette remains that I picked up from 2 nearby campsites.  They left a folding chair too that was taken away by a concerned camper.

From a Google search we know cigarette filters take years to decay.

I arrive at a new BLM site today for the night and look what I find.

I hate picking up for inconsiderate people that use our public lands and leave anything, but if I want to continue to come here and be allowed to come, I feel I must make a difference.

Here in Quartzsite, AZ the transfer station has accommodating hours on many days and there is no cost to drop off your trash.  No excuses folks!

I’ll go dig the cigarette butts out of the campfire ring now, but before I do I’ll show you a cardboard box that I flattened that showed up near my other campsite this morning.

Please do your part­čĹŹ


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