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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Burning Van - 2019 RTR

For the past four years at the RTR there has been a burning van in the main campfire the last night of the gathering..  Tony and Karen, long time attendees of the RTR are credited for the concept, creating the first one, and a song to be sung during the event.

The first burning van was cardboard this year it is now plywood.  Each year attendees have the opportunity to sign the burning van too, as I have done each year.

This year I wrote on the top rear of the van.

The night of the burning van there were hundreds of folks in attendance, ready to take part in the festivities.

There was a videographer as you can see above, up front and close to burning van.  There was another back from the fire a bit next to me.

A few minutes after the now plywood burning van was placed in the fire was now fully involved.  

Bob Wells, the leader/founder of the RTR and CheapRVLiving shared his comments about burning van.  He stated that the BLM got wind that the group planned to burn a van.  With chuckles, the people that had passed this misconception along were tong and Bob needed to correct the information. 

The event didn’t last long and we all left as usual, a little melancholic about the event ending.


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