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Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Big Tent 2019

The “Big Tent” Event is a yearly RV show attracting thousands of people a day, after the RTR.  Held in Quartzsite, AZ where the warm temperatures and sunshine attract snowbirds, and the town has already swelled into the hundreds of thousands of people from about 3,000, even more people arrive causing traffic delays to attend this show.

The opening day is a Saturday and even getting there at 9:00 am it was bumper to bumper people in the tent.  When I went back Sunday morning with another friend it was much easier to walk and talk to vendors.

Monday when I drove by where it’s held it was gridlocked, with the northbound US 95 lane backed up 4 miles.

I call this the all things RV Show asthete are all kinds of gadgets and information you didn’t even know to ask about.

The bicycle shown above, caught my eye and I was able to talk to the salesperson.  The bike is electric with the rear wheel the drive wheel and the battery is in the front wheel.  With non inflated tires this bike is suited for city riding.

It’s attraction is the weight and size.  As shown above folded the bike fits in a roller bag.  The bike sells for $799.00

Another booth was selling those mechanical siphons indifferent sizes.  You put the copper end in the container you want to obtain fluid from and you put the black valve below tothe container to receive the fluid.

By shaking the copper end up and down draws the liquid in each up and down cycle until the fluid gets over the top bend and flows by itself.

I bought one to transfer liquid from my 5 gal flexible tank that is hard to pour and fill 1 gallon containers.  I bought the 3/8” diameter per the suggestion of the salesperson for transfers 5 gallons and under.  I have used it twice and I am pleased with the purchase.  Two of my friends also bought one and rode my coattails getting a discount offered for multiple purchases.

Each year there are booths colocated for British Columbia, Yukon Provences and Alaska, providing information for you to plan your trip to Alaska and back.

I don’t know anyone in my RV world that wouldn’t want to do this adventure, including myself.

I have been to Alaska twice and since I live to drive, I would love to make the trip up and back.

I have also been to British Columbia and driven half way north through the Provence 

One day I would like to make this trip.


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