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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Loosing My Gas Cap

I went to fill up the Tacoma’s gas tank at a Texas truck stop and my locking gas cap was missing.  Darn!  Nearly 200 miles back in Arkansas I filled up and people were waiting for me to move and I placed the cap on the pump and drove away.

Background- the Tacoma does not have a locking gas door.  I replaced the gas cap years ago to prevent tampering.  There was no tether on the original cap and no holder on the door, so replacement cap has always been loose.

I guess I was lucky that my check engine light haven’t come on.  The truck stop did not have any caps and I get on the road before stores open.

I got it!  I took a sandwich bag and elastic and sealed the gas fill pipe.

When I got to Tucson, AZ I went to AutoZone and bought a new locking cap.  

Now I’m determined to make a cap tether/holder/hook to not require setting the cap in the pump.


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  1. Hi Brent. Has anyone ever really stole your gas? That’s never happened to me.