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Monday, January 28, 2019

FWC Cooking at 2019 RTR

My friends that park together at the RTR don’t cook much.  I do enjoy cooking for them from time to time.

I enjoy a balanced meal and I try to cook every few days for myself.  Above is sautéed shrimp.

There is the shrimp on a dinner salad.

This is grilled cut hotdogs to be served with beans.

Above is steak, rice medley and broccoli with salad.  I went to get steak at Walmart in Parker, north of Quartzsite and there were 3 peaces in a package so I invite my friends.

Another day I cooked inlets for 4 of us.  Yet another day I cooked a boneless pork dinner.

I even cooked angel hair pasta with tomato sauce with shrimp.

I do all my cooking on a single burner butane stove in my Four Wheel Camper (FWC). It’s a bit tough to plan the dinner based on each items cooking time and keeping things warm for more than two people.  Of course dishes like spaghetti are easier for more.  The steak dinner was my hardest this year for three of us.

Just because you may be in a small vehicle with a single burner stove, doesn’t mean that you can’t cook a well balanced meal.


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