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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

San Diego To Lake Havasu City

What a surprise treat!  I left San Diego at the end of February to start working my way to Utah for March.  I planned to layover in Lake Havasu City on BLM land with great cell and TV signal.  The bonus is that in leaving early in the day, I can get to play disc golf in Havasu before dinner.

I’m traveling on the shortest of routes through California after heading east in I8, and I drove up to Brawley, CA and picked up CA78 to Blythe, CA.

This is a lightly used road through the Imperial Sand Dunes.  Heading northeast after the dunes, I ran into desert flowers on the side of the road.  

Such a great beauty to a otherwise boring road.

Above is the route I took from San Diego and Lake Havasu City.  I had thought about going through Quartzsite, AZ before heading north through Parker, AZ to play disc golf there, but Google was right to send me diagonally from Blythe over the Colorado River through Ehrenburg, AZ then north.  I have usually stayed in Ehrenburg on BLM land during my travels but I opted for other areas this year.

I walked the side of the road to find the right spot to frame the mountain, keeping the flowers in the foreground.

I’m on my way to Utah for March and the cold in the southwest this winter appears to be breaking to spring temperatures.  In the southern Utah and northern Arizona border area I’m looking for temperatures during the day between 50 and 60 degrees.  Future weather forecasts have the temperatures in this range so it will be only one night in Lake Havasu City area before heading to Page, AZ.


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