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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Moki Dugway - 2019

The Moki Dugway is a steep climb on a section of highway from Mexican Hat, UT, US163, to Natural Bridges, UT UT95.  It is a paved road below and above but dirt on the Moki Dugway.

I drive this last year for the first time but I was driving and taking pictures was limited to the attention needed to drivevthe road.  This year I was a passenger so I was able to take pictures going up and down.

There are some very sharp switchbacks.

Most of it is 2 vehicles wide for the bidirectional traffic.  But sharp corners like the one above it is bestvti wait for the uphill vehicle to go first.

The road has limitations on the length of vehicles due to the sharp corners.  Regular cars can make the trip

The views are great of The Valley Of The Gods and in a distance Monument Valley.


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