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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Can I Really Open The Gate?

My first couple years on the road, I found gates intimidating.  Even though I knew gates are used to allow grazing animals from roaming into traffic or getting lost.  The BLM who manages a lot of federal land, like in the pitcher above, lease the land for grazing cattle.

Behind this gate is the trailhead for Catstair Canyon.  The BLM ensures that this land is available to the public even when grazing cattle are in it.  There are a few rules about access and boondocking, but basically unless otherwise marked it is open to the public.

The sign says to please close the gate.  That means you can open it, drive in, and must close it behind you.  Then enjoy your stay.

You must follow all BLM posted signs.  This trail marker the BLM puts up are very common and they will include the most common rules.  It’s a hiking trail to Catstair Canyon.  Your welcomed in.  That’s it.  Simple as it sounds I like others from the east may find this intimidating to enter.  I got over it and it has opened many doors for adventures.

Enjoy your Federal Land.  I do most days on my travels.


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