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Monday, March 18, 2019

Toadstools And Beyond

There are places I do like going back to see and Toadstools in Utah, Just north of Page, AZ is one of them.  In fact I’ve been here a number of times.  This time I want you to see beyond the toadstools that are the focus of the brief hike.

First is the iconic toadstool in many photos.  Yes it is great but a bit of additional walking will open some great views and more toadstools.

Hoodoos or Toadstools are always great fun to find and see.  There are many that are not documented that you can search out for.  I’ve written about some this year.  If you have little time, then yes, see the popular sites.  If you have time to roam, veer off the worn path and see what you can see.

Check out this view above.  Look at the colors. They are great.  You can see this view by climbing a little hill near the Toadstools.

Yet another brief walk opens up this multicolored background with the toadstool front and center.

Yet another short walk in another direction gets this long view with excellent colors.  The colors rival the toadstools to me.

Not near the main toadstools that the trail takes you to is this group of toadstools.  They are there for the finding if you look around.

Lastly, this beautiful toadstool is tucked away in a corner less than a quarter of a mile away from the main ones.

So, although I have written about this Toadstool hike, I’ve never stressed the advantages of doing some of your own exploring to find the extras that are not on the brochure.

Happy hiking.


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