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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Butler Wash Overview - Discoveries Await

(BLM Map Of Bears Ears using Avenza App)

I moved to southeastern Utah from Page, AZ over a week ago.  Just like I’ve been to Page before, this year was very different as I stayed in the Page area for 2 week exploring places that are documented on maps and finding many new places by just exploring.  

The same has occurred here in Butler Wash, between US163 and UT95, where I drew the red stripe.  There are places to tour in the area on maps, and those places that are not documented.  If you like being an explorer and finding what isn’t on a map, this is a good place.

I’ve made it my policy, taking after my friend Roxy (Nomad for Nature) not to share what isn’t documented on general maps or apps.  You have to do the work that I did and the fun of exploring to find them.  

If you come here once, to Butler Wash, along Comb Ridge, there are plenty of places in maps and apps to keep you busy for at least a week.  

If you are serious about finding the places not listed here in the wash you need to drive to places and hike out and look around and explore.

This year has been a game changer for me, in that my friend Joanne has a 4x4 Jerp that can take us to places through mud and water crossings, but it’s spring andonce the  roads dry most cars can get to these parking places to hike.

If you come this time of year AWD is a necessity.  4x4 is recommended, and river crossings could be high clearance.  In past years when it has been dry my Prius has made it places I could not have taken it this year.

To start I use the app AllTrails.  I have the pro version.

AllTrails gives hikes with blue pins and when pins are close a circle with the number of hikes around that circle.  It will give you directikns, overview of hike for distance, elevation, map, etc.  

Above is a sample hike using AllTrails on Butler Wash, that you walk up into Comb Ridge to see Monarch Cave and all that it offers.  The name of the hike may not reveal all that you will see.  In addition to a great hike, there are great views and historic places to see.

If you have 4x4 it may allow you to cross streams that are flowing in Comb Wash, on the other side of Comb Ridge, this opens a whole new area to explore.  There is more than enough to see and do over two weeks in this one area, and Utah has so much to offer in just its five National Parks.  The National park’s are great but don’t stop at just seeing them.

Here is one of the places that we found that is not on an app or map that I use.  It was a great 3.5 mile hike and a fun time exploring.

The key is to finding a place like this is all about your desire to explore and find places to see, but always leave it as you find it.  Unspoiled for the person who is adventurous after you.

I will start blogging about places I’ve seen once I got here.


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