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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Grand Tour - Glen Canyon & Grand Staircase Escalante

We had checked out the Glen Canyon Area starting at Big Water with Joanne’s Jeep a few days before but we got to a section of the dirt road that was very muddy, with large ruts, and evidence of others having difficulty passing.  We retreated for the road to dry more before our next assault.

Our travels took us on a lot of washes through scenery that changed often.

We were lucky to be able to complete our 45 mile trip with out having to turn back part way.  After investing a lot of time many miles away from civilization, passing mud and climbing rocks for hours we don’t cherish the thought of retracing our steps.

We even drove on one road up a wash and we finally turned around.  You can see the spur we took on the map above.  

Our drive eventually took us up a wash into higher elevation, climbing 2900 into the mountains.

We passed many rock formations, including the hoodoo above.

The high spot of our trip was Nipple Mt.  At this point we were about 3/4 through our trip, for distance.

Joanne did a great job again going through mud and climbing over rocks.  My job is to do the navigation by following maps.  I down load maps to my phone before we go off cell signal.  Oh, I also get out to open and close all the cattle gates we come across.

At Nipple Mt. we got high enough to get an update on the weather.  There was a slight chance of showers when we left, and showers were headed our way.  The good news from the radar loop they drifted east towards us but the showers were forming on a northeast line so we had some time to get down the mountain through the next wash before it rained here.

Trips like these require planning.  Joanne’s Jerp is high clearance 4x4.  We carry food, water, shelter, compressor, and so on.  We only carry minimal recovery equipment, and therefore we wait for more dry roads with some mud to avoid getting stuck in such a wilderness condition.

Following the weather is always important as rain 20 miles away can still create flash flood where we are.

It’s been great with Joanne’s Jeep to explore places we would never have seen.  Although I have my Tacoma with 4x4, it’s not a Jeep with its clearance and maneuverability.  

The short wheelbase really works out in tight places.


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