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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Hiking Along The Colorado River South Of Page, AZ

What do you do when you can’t get to The Wave” because of the road conditions?  You drive south from the BLM office on US89A passed the snowed in North Rim Of The Grand Canyon until you get to the Colorado River at Lees Ferry, or where the ferry used to operate.  Then take a hike.  

Above is the Colorado River where rafting excursions through the Grand Canyon start.

In the picture above is the down stream flow of the Colorado River.

Driving from Page to Kanab then to Lee’s Ferry and back to Page is a lot of driving.  It’s close to 200 miles and 3:45 minutes.

The trail along the Colorado River starts at a couple of stone buildings where the ferry that took people from one side of the Colorado River to the other.

Here is the grave of the Spencer Steamboat.  It’s submerged in the Colorado River right at the edge of shore.  A close look of the picture you should see an outline of it.

On the opposite side of the river is this large sand dune.  A couple years ago I took a rafting excursion from Glen Canyon Dam Down the Colorado River to this point and we turned around and went back.  It was a taste of rafting the river, but it was all flat water.

The canyon walls here are all the bright Navajo sandstone.

The hike was just about 3 miles round trip.  It was a nice hike, mostly easy and good exercise to offset the long ride in the car.

This area of Lees Ferry is run by the Federal Government as part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and is a fee based location.  Since I have my senior park pass it is free for my visit.


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