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Monday, March 25, 2019

From Page, AZ To Mexican Hat, UT

(Screen capture of surface weather map at

I was in the Page, AZ area for two weeks hiking and touring in my friend’s Jeep.  It was a great time but it was time to move on further into Utah.  

The problem is that winter has been colder and wetter than normal and many places were out due to elevation  and snow.  Page is about 4,000 feet elevation.  We decided that Bluff, UT is also about 4,000 ft and had a good base location on Butler Wash.

The storm above kept us from hiking and touring the last day in Page and would end up turning into the “Bomb” storm in the planes into the midwest.

We decided to move as the storm was ending.

Since Bluff is such a small town it only has a gas station/convince store we got supplies st Walmart in Page, before leaving.

Our travels take us through the Navajo Nation, where elevation is about 7,000 feet in places and we saw snow left by the recent storm.  Snow is typical above 6,000 feet.

Then it was on to heading north past Monument Valley, AZ in the pictures above and below.  

I generally travel after a storm as the good weather slides in behind the front and traveling is much better.

We decided to stop for the night in Mexican Hat, UT at the Valley of the Gods, before movibg on to Bluff the next night.  That’s where I will pick up the next blog.


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