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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Exploring Finds Hoodoos And Epic Views

Joanne took Susan and me out for some exploring her Jeep she bought this year to search out new places.  We went looking on a number of roads but as you can see above they are still a bit rough and slippery from still being wet.

Although thwarted on the one road above, I had found another road off into the wilderness that was dry and free of mud.

We knew there was an overlook if we followed a Jeep trail but we didn’t know about the Hoodoos up there until we saw them.

Above is a beautiful view of Navajo Mountain in Northern Arizona, Near Page.  The water is the Glen Camyon Reservoir.

There are so many Hoodoos of various size and shape around here all in a 25 mile radius.

I have taken so many pictures on my adventures that I have to pause so often to decide what to include.  I’m amazed every year to find more beautiful things to see.

This was a 13 mile off-road 4 wheel drive high clearance adventure.  Joanne is practicing off-roading with her Jeep to develop skills.  Today there was some good rock crawling up the cliff to the overlook.


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